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application managed services

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The expanding complexities and instability of the business environment has re-imagined the idea of Application Managed Services. Today, Application Managed Services are required to convey esteem a long way past back office bolster; it ought to empower business change through improved speed and productivity, cost consistency, and persistent perceivability and observing of operations.Techvaria offers flexible, scalable, adaptive and customized services to drive performance and business value throughout a customer’s IT environment.Through our flexible delivery models, industry best practices and highly experienced Application Management Service team, we plan and guide a redo display suited to easily meet your business and IT targets.

The following are few motivations to pick our Application Managed Services:

  • Cost-control: Outsourcing your managed services requirements will ease the trouble of infrastructure, workforce, hiring, training. Management, planning and welfare at your end.
  • Retain focal point: Having multiple departments and divisions can be taxing from a management point of view. Often, this can tell on your business and people-management can adversely affect where you need to keep your focus on. With our managed services solutions, we take care of ‘your requirements’ while you keep your focus intact.
  • Get an expert: Having handed the responsibility of taking care of your managed services requisites to Techvaria, you get an expert looking into its functioning, operation and success.
  • Remains independent of company structure: Often - as is seen in the case of several companies - businesses need to restructure due to funding, expansion and market plans. This results in personnel being shifted, responsibilities being acquired and more. However, by outsourcing your managed services requirements to Techvaria, they remain independent of any activity within your company. These will function seamlessly.
  • Adapt with trends, without having to actually adapt: The ever-changing nature of the market and technology trends can be quite unsettling. As a result, acquiring new resources, software and more can be extremely time consuming and counterproductive. Instead, leave it to the specialists at Techvaria. Your managed application services will always be in synchronisation with market trends.

Techvaria can provide flexible delivery models with the right mix of onsite, offsite and offshore teams to meet your business needs:

  • Virtual Captive Unit
  • Managed Support Services
  • Offshore Development
  • Shared Services

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