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NetSuite Customizations

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite Customizations

Though NetSuite offers a plethora of built in functions and options, an implementation also needs customizations to exploit the full potential of a system. We have indepth experience on NetSuite Platform to plug the critical gaps and address unique challenges of every business.


We have developed scheduled scripts to automate routines, process, change default system behaviour, customize logic and aid in user interaction.

Example 1 - Scheduled script to run batch operations requiring heavy back ground processing

Example 2 - Client Script to change entry behaviour based on user/role access

Example 3 - Form Changes and Field behaviour restrictions using code

Example 4 - Billing operations automation using custom logic schedules

Example 5 - Modifying underlying business logic using User Event scripts

Example 6 - Build UI forms and screens using Suitelet scripts

Example 7 - Customized Dashboards using Portlets incorporating external feeds and data

Example 8 - Graphical representation of data using Google APIs & Charting

Example 9 - Complete automation modules available for HR automation

Example 10 - and many more ready to deploy options available


Todays growing new generation and dynamic organizations need flexible and complex workflows. From routing to approvals everything is performed using SuiteFlows.

Project 1 - Multi Threaded Purchase approvals workflows

Project 2 - Different Sales Process Approval chain for Estimates, Invoices etc.

Project 3 - Functional and Advanced workflows on Timesheets and Resource Allocations

Project 4 - Vacation routing and alternate approvals

Project 5 - Master Data Validation workflows on Projects, Vendors and Resources