Data Analytics

Techvaria offers flexible, scalable, adaptive and customized services to drive performance and business value throughout a customer’s IT environment.

Organizations today require deeper knowledge into business sectors, clients and their own inside processes to remain in front of competition and to convey manageable business execution. There is a need to go past the standard ways to deal with information.
For speedier and better choices, one must figure out how to adapt to and expand on the high volume and speed of continuous organized and unstructured information in diverse arrangements.
Techvaria solves big data problems with solutions that deliver tangible and continuous business value
  • Strategy and planning: These days’ businesses are by and large driven by data. After all, data helps companies take informed decisions that have a definitive source and cause. Techvaria provides complete strategizing and planning services to help you understand techniques on how you can better utilize your data. This can assist you in monetizing your data, understand issues within your network, acquire better resources and plan your corporate finance better.
  • Performance Management: Techvaria possesses the expertise to help you maximize your data output to supervise business performance. This can include the company itself, its divisions, projects, or its personnel. Our Performance Management consulting can help automate the discovery of such aspects.
  • Big Data: Big Data is easily understood as those data types that are large in quantity, rate at which it changes, or its type. To handle big data, you need an experienced eye that can not only metaphorically ‘digest’ big data, but also present you with accurate awareness, a decisive approach and process automation. Techvaria provides the answer.
  • Data Visualization: For data to have a semblance of usable output and success, it needs to be presentable and understood. The visual medium is the most intuitive and meaningful in this regard. Techvaria provides key data visualization solutions that enables you to access your data and analytics through customizable dashboards, filters, parameters, graphs and more.